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Airbag Module Resetting Services                                       


Airbag Module Resetting Services

Here at AirbagReset.com we specialise in airbag module resetting, which we have been doing for expertly since 2005. We can clear the crash data & reset your airbag module following an airbag deployment or crash event. This will allow you to re-use your original airbag module rather than buying a new unit, saving you hundreds of pounds. We offer a convenient & fast postal service which starts at only £45 all inclusive, including free return post.

To order an airbag module reset by post, please check your part number by choosing your vehicle from the list below.

    Alfa Romeo Airbag Module Reset  Audi Airbag Module Reset  BMW Airbag Module Reset  Chevrolet Airbag Module Reset  Chrysler Airbag Module Reset  Citroen Airbag Module Reset  Dacia Airbag Module Reset  Daewoo Airbag Module Reset  Daihatsu Airbag Module Reset  Fiat Airbag Module Reset

    Ford Airbag Module Reset  Hyundai Airbag Module Reset  Honda Airbag Module Reset  Iveco Airbag Module Reset  Jaguar Airbag Module Reset  Kia Airbag Module Reset  Lancia Airbag Module Reset  Land Rover Airbag Module Reset  Lexus Airbag Module Reset  Maserati Airbag Module Reset

    Mazda Airbag Module Reset  Mercedes Airbag Module Reset  BMW Mini Airbag Module Reset  Mitsubishi Airbag Module Reset  Nissan Airbag Module Reset  Opel Airbag Module Reset  Peugeot Airbag Module Reset  Porsche Airbag Module Reset  Renault Airbag Module Reset  Rover Airbag Module Reset

         Saab Airbag Module Reset  Seat Airbag Module Reset  Skoda Airbag Module Reset  Ssangyong Airbag Module Reset  Suzuki Airbag Module Reset  Toyota Airbag Module Reset  Vauxhall Airbag Module Reset  Volkswagen Airbag Module Reset  Volvo Airbag Module Reset  Any Airbag Module Reset     


You may also jump to our airbag module resetting order page here

Airbag Reset Tools

In our online airbag tool shop you will find a selection of airbag reset tools & airbag diagnostic equipment.

These range from basic tools to turn off your airbag light to complete vehicle diagnostic interfaces and software which cover all makes and models of cars & vans.

You will find great value tools, some of which will remove crash data from airbag modules via the 16 pin OBD socket so the airbag module does not need to be removed or sent away for resetting or repair.

Browse our Airbag Reset Tool Shop


Airbag Warning Light Problems

The Airbag Help section of our website provides some useful articles and help for airbag warning light problems and airbag system faults.

With vehicle MOT legislation now including the correct function of the airbag warning light as part of the MOT test, many vehicle owners are having to find affordable solutions for airbag light problems & airbag faults.

Vehicle diagnostic bills from garages can be particularly expensive so with our airbag help pages we aim to provide some solutions to airbag faults and the airbag reset tools & services to get the job done cheaper, saving you money.

We cannot provide individual help for your airbag light problems but we can put you in touch with local airbag technicians should you need somebody to fix your vehicle for you.

Find A Local Airbag Technician


Airbag Crash Data Removal 

Crash data is recorded in the memory of an airbag module after an impact has been detected. This data will contain information relating to the accident or airbag deployment event. Modules may record data such as vehicle occupancy, fastened seatbelts, lights function, vehicle speed, braking speed or deceleration, point of impact, severity of impact & which airbag components were deployed like airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners amongst other data depending on vehicle manufacturer. In most modules this data is hard written so that it cannot be erased by normal diagnostic equipment as it may be data that is required by the vehicle repairer or for investigation purposes. The fact that the crash data is hard written is what locks the airbag module and renders it un-useable which is why the only option used to be to replace the module at hundreds of pounds.

However, with bench programming systems and software, the crash data can be removed from airbag modules restoring them to there pre-accident factory condition and allowing them to be re-used rather than buying a new module. 

We offer crash data removal and airbag module resetting services for most airbag modules on the market meaning that you can simply post your original module for repair at a fraction of the cost of a new unit and re-use it when repairing your vehicle. This service is ideal for bodyshops, vehicle repairiers and clients involved in the repair of autosalvage where budgets are tight.

 You may order airbag module resetting services here



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